Accented orb Workshops


The main goal of my workshops is to teach people how to cook tasty and accessible meals, with less meat and more plant-based ingredients. Often I hear people almost scared to try cooking without meat: from fear of ending up with something not tasty, to not knowing where to start, to missing out on protein or minerals intake.

With a handful of information and a lot of hands-on practice, my workshop will give you practice with vegetarian (or vegan) dishes, recipes and tips & tricks so you can help yourself switching to a diet with less meat. We will not end the workshops before tasting what we prepared!

Assorted vegetables


They bring color to your plate, add taste and texture, but most vegetables are also nutritionally dense. The more nutritionally dense, the more nutrients you get from the same amount of calories. With the right variety and combination, a plant-based diet will not be deficient in iron (think about beans, broccoli, or chickpeas), zinc (think about green peas, pumpkin seeds, or cashew nuts), and especially not in protein (think about chickpeas, peanut butter, lentils). In my workshop you’ll not only learn what vegetables (and nuts, legumes, and greens) to use, but also their ideal cooking techniques.

Herbs & Spices

They add flavor and character to any dish. Adding the right spices and herbs can take you on a trip around the world. The same eggplant (aubergine) can feel Mediterranean (with thyme & oregano), take you further to India in combination with garam masala, or remind you of the streets of Morocco when adding ras-el-hanout. The smart addition of fresh or dried herbs, and of whole or grounded spices, contributes to the taste, mouthfeel and aroma you will experience. I love herbs and spices and will make sure that after a workshop you will be enthusiastic about using them as well!

Follow the agenda for upcoming workshops, or reach out for requests for workshops tailored to your needs for a group of friends, or your employees.

Custom workshops can be arranged where we can discuss the theme and jointly set the components of the workshop, its duration, and the budget. Workshop costs start from 30 euro per person.