Accented orb Cooking Studio

Tasty and delicious courses

Eating in?

If you have a group of 6 people or more with whom you want to enjoy a tasty, healthy, and surprising dinner, you can order a full 3 to 5-course menu and I will deliver it to your home! We will decide the menu together, adjust to any dietary requirements (vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free) or allergies.

If you are curious about possibilities and prices, let’s get in touch!

Guest cooking

Eating out?

I am sometimes a "Guest cook" in different locations in Eindhoven, every time with a completely different menu (and theme). I am always striving to get the healthiest style of cooking, without losing the flavor.

Check out my previous menus at het Cruydenhuisch or at the Food Gallery in which I always had vegetables center-stage. Also follow my Facebook page for notifications about future events.

Cooking on location

Special dinner?

In my culture food is a very important part of any celebration. I enjoy cooking food that surprises and I always strive to make it look amazing. That is why I believe more in cooking on location, where people can see the process, and where I can see the people enjoying my colorful and tasty dishes.

If you are curious about what I can do for your event, get in touch!

What people say


"When we have guests it is always difficult to cook something that accomodates so many different tastes: children, vegans, low sugar diets...Gabi is our saviour! We tell her what we need and she is always able to create something not just good, but really amazing! We did not expect that vegan food can actually be so tasty! Usually when we go out vegan food is most of the time an “ average” improvisation. Next to that, we also ordered soups, lasagna and other main course dishes; all of them were fantastic; beautiful combinations of flavours, everybody liked them very much!

As a family with a small baby we do not have much time available. We really appreciated that Gabi delivers the food at home and also gives precise instructions on how the food needs to be presented!

Gabi is a hidden cooking resource and we will definetively order again!"